June 17th, 2018 Concord City Auditorum

Price: $21.00

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Prod. Code: Recital Ticket

Act 1 & 2 begins at 12:00 

Act 3 & 4 begins at 2:30 

A $1.00 fee has been charged to all tickets ordered online max $5.00

Tickets purchased online ARE NOT MAILED. Students can pick up tickets at the dance studio or picked up the day of recital. 

Who needs a ticket:

Everyone who will be sitting in the auditorium - including infants

Each family has 2 tickets with their recital fees.

No one is allowed in the Theatre without a ticket.

Tickets Prices:
Flash sale April 20th $12.00 / ticket
April 21th - May 12th - $16.00/ticket
May 13th - June 18th $20.00/ticket
All pre-sold tickets will be dispersed ASAP