UPDATED 9/16/2022


Due to Covid being prevalent currently and that many of our students are still not fully vaccinated, Dance Inspirations requires a 5-day quarantine…

If you meet the any of the following:

Dancer tests positive for COVID
An unvaccinated close contact to dancer tests positive
Then we ask you do NOT attend classes for 5 days if you have no symptoms.
If you have symptoms we ask that you return when you are feeling better
We are able to keep masks optional at Dance Inspirations because we have the space to social distance while taking class.  As students are in school we do expect more colds and illness not related to covid to appear.  We wanted to remind everyone of our covid policies, last season, by following these policy’s, we were able to stay very healthy.  


We are keeping masks optional during classes

If you have questions, please feel free to email info@danceinspirations.com or office@danceinspirations.com


For further covid info from the state of NH visit:


Covid procedures at Dance Inspirations. 

Staff members: All staff members of Dance Inspirations are vaccinated and screened each day as well as temperatures taken. Masks are optional for staff and required to be tested for covid if they have any covid symptoms.  

Waiting rooms remain closed: No parents or guests are allowed inside the studio. Dancers ages 5 and under may be escorted to the check in table but parents must leave once children are checked in.

Masks: are optional currently, however encouraged during the following instances especially over the start of the school year. 
When they have a non-covid related cold 
Dancers may wear masks while dancing if they feel more comfortable or if their parents require them too. 


Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer when arriving and leaving the dance studio.

Please only bring dance shoes and a water bottle to class – to keep things from getting lost



Dancers will be DISMISSED ONE BY ONE

Dancers will exit from a different door than they entered the building    

If there are any concerns that a teacher needs to know to make your family feel more comfortable, please notify us before class is to begin.