Live Stream

Live Stream

What you need to know before you purchase 

Our live stream platform is called OnZoom 

  1. Once an onzoom ticket is purchased there are no refunds
  2. You can have as many family members as you want watching on 1 onzoom ticket.
  3. You can go back and watch the recording up to 7 days after the show. 
  4. Buy a ticket and then watch it with your child at your private showing at your home within 7 days.
  5. You can watch the entire show – one continuous performance all shows included for one price! 
  6. You do not need a separate ticket for each show. 
  7. Our staff will not be able to monitor the onzoom live stream during the performance 
  8.  After you have purchased the onzoom ticket watch your email for your live stream link
  9. The zoom link is paid directly through onzoom and you will receive a ticket directly from onzoom (it's like buying a pay per view movie)
  10. Dance Inspirations cannot sell you a ticket to the onzoom and does not have access to the onzoom link
  11. Hints on Getting started as an onzoom attendee 
  12. If any technical issues occur during the performances, we will not have any IT to help fix it.  
  13. Please advise your families watching from home to make sure they are using a good internet connection and if possible, to hardwire into their modem.  - A bad connection from anyone can affect everyone who is on a zoom to have technical difficulties. 

 Onzoom Ticket Prices  $25.00